Meet Scott Johnson

Collin County Conservative Scott Johnson currently serves on the City Council in Frisco, Texas (Pop. 135,000) having been elected city-wide in 2008 and re-elected in 2011. As a lifetime conservative, Scott has consistently fought for low taxes, private property rights and balanced budgets. Scott stands on his fiscally and socially conservative record of more than 18,000 votes and has often been the lone dissenting vote on tax increases, emminent domain usage, bloated budgets, and excessive spending.

Scott has also been on the front lines of Texas’ job growth as he serves as an officer on the Board of Directors for the Texas Economic Development Corporation (TexasOne) having been appointed by Governor Rick Perry in 2006. Scott has led missions on behalf of Governor Perry to Georgia, New York, and California meeting with CEO’s and site selectors and recruiting corporations to Texas. His efforts have contributed to the longest sustained period of job growth in Texas history.

Latest News

I am proud to announce that the North Texas Tea Party (NTTP) has "TeaApproved" my candidacy for Texas Senate District 8. This approval recognizes my commitment to and strong record supporting limited government and fiscal responsibility. I would like to thank the whole NTTP Vetting Team for this honor, and I look forward to working with them to defend the interests of taxpayers in Senate District 8.

The NTTP "TeaApproved" status is given to candidates whom the NTTP believes shares their commitment to the 5 Principles - Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, Rule of Law and Constitutional Sovereignty. Candidates not only have to verbally commit to upholding these principles while in office, they also have to demonstrate prior experience and actions that confirm these values.